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2021-22 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2021-22 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2021-22 Charges and Fees

Most academic year fees are billed 1/2 for Fall Term and 1/2 for Winter Term. There is no additional tuition charge for May Term if a student was enrolled full-time for all of Winter Term.  There is no additional room charge for May Term if a student lived on-campus for all of Winter Term. There is no additional board charge for May Term if a student had a board plan for all of Winter Term. Cost for any May Term travel course will be an additional charge on the student’s account and will be included on the December bill.

Academic Year Charges and Fees

TUITION $45,200
  (3.0 to 4.5 credits/Fall, Winter Terms)  
  (up to 1.25 credits/May Term)  
  (This fee is used to support a variety of activities, including, but not limited to student government, student activities, recreational opportunities, off-campus experiences, and other student support services.)  
   ($2,100 per year for Knights Village)
  (All on-campus students are required to have a board plan. Students are allowed different board plan options based on their academic status. Board plans include meals in the Mensa, which is the student dining room, as well as dollars (called points) that can be used in the retail dining locations on campus (Den, Konditorei, Zesty Orange, and some vending machines). Board plans are also available to off-campus students.  
RESIDENCE HALL $4,570-$6,500
   ($7,480 Knights Village)
  (Single room-add 25-40 percent surcharge)  

The above fees are for the Fall, Winter and May Terms for 2021-22 and are subject to change in subsequent years. In addition to the standard charges, there are also other fees for overloads, music lessons, student teaching, etc., for full-time students. There are separate part-time and summer school charges. (The college attempts to maintain all published charges throughout the academic year, but reserves the right to make adjustments and change procedures should unforeseen conditions make it necessary.) Updated fees are published on the college website.

Student Payment Agreement (SPA)

Payment of tuition and all other charges and fees becomes an obligation of the student at the time of registration. Billings are generated before the beginning of each term. The Federal Truth-In-Lending Act requires a complete disclosure of the terms and conditions governing the payment of these obligations and the method of calculating any applicable finance charges. To comply with these regulations, the college requires each student to sign a Student Payment Agreement (SPA). If the student is not at least 18 years of age, a parent’s signature is required. The SPA provides assurances to the college in regard to collection of charges and fees. The SPA also explains Wartburg’s policies relating to past-due accounts, including the 1.5 percent per month (18 percent annual percentage rate) finance charge. This charge will be applied to the student account balances that are over 30 days past-due. If the SPA is not signed by the student, the college may cancel the student’s registration and housing.

Terms of Payment

The Fall Term shall be considered as the first half of the year and the Winter/May Terms as the second half.   Payments are due by September 10 for Fall, February 10 for Winter, and March 10 for May.  Charges over 30 days old are subject to a finance charge.

Since some parents and students prefer to pay tuition and other fees in equal monthly installments, the college offers a payment plan option beginning in August for Fall Term and in January for Winter/May Terms. Students will receive emails in July and December with sign-up information. Contact the Business Office for additional information at 319-352-8411 or e-mail businessoffice@wartburg.edu.

Overdue Payments

Students whose accounts are over 30 day past due are subject to a finance charge.  Students who are unable to make the payments on the specified dates should contact the Business Office before the payment is due.  In the absence of special arrangements, the college may cancel the student’s registration and housing.

The college reserves the right to withhold the transcripts and/or the diploma until a student’s account has been paid in full.

Special Circumstances

The college recognizes that individual circumstances may require special consideration. Students and/or their parents are encouraged to contact the Business Office, Financial Aid Office, or Dean of Student’s Office if they have questions or concerns.

Change in Enrollment Status

If students change their enrollment status before the end of a term, charges on their student account, as well as their financial aid, may change to reflect the new status (e.g., changing from a full-time student to a part-time student or withdrawing completely from school). See the Business Office and the Financial Aid Office for further information.

Refund Policy

When a student withdraws, the Business Office completes a calculation to determine the student’s pro-rated charge.

The number of days in a term and the number of days elapsed since the beginning of the term are based on calendar days, including Saturdays and Sundays. Breaks of five days or more are excluded from this calculation.

No refunds are given for tuition, fees, room, and board if 60% or more of the term has elapsed based on the dates for each below:

TUITION - pro-rated based on the official date of withdrawal.

FEES - certain fees may not be refundable after the add-drop date.

May Term Travel Course Fees
If the travel course is cancelled, the travel course fee may be non-refundable. A refund will depend on several factors, such as timing and the third-party vendors involved. Additional information is available on the Financial Responsibility Form the student will be required to sign for a travel course.

ROOM - pro-rated based on the date of official dorm check out.

BOARD - determined by:

  • Pick 6, Pick 12, Pick 15, Pick 18, Pick 20 plans - the week of the last meal on campus. Unused points are non-refundable.
  • Any 60, Any 75, Any 125, or Any 150 plans - the number of meals redeemed. Unused points are non-refundable.


Institutional Aid
Institutional financial aid will be prorated based on the number of days elapsed since the beginning of the term.  The date used to figure this is the “Date of Withdrawal”.  If 60% or more of the term has elapsed, no financial aid revisions will be made.

Federal and State Aid
Federal and state aid will be adjusted according to applicable government regulations.  In the absence of any such requirements, aid will be adjusted in the same manner as institutional aid.

A comprehensive overview of Wartburg’s withdrawal and refund policy is available on our Financial Aid website.  Examples of common refund situations are available in the Financial Aid Office.