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2021-22 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog 
2021-22 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Personnel

President’s Cabinet

Darrel D. Colson, President

Debora Johnson-Ross, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

Daniel R. Kittle, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

Scott C. Leisinger, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Richard Seggerman, Vice President for Finance and Adminstration

Rick Willis, Vice President for Student Recruitment


Suleman Abdiah (2019)
Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.Sc., 2002, Forman Christian College, Pakistan; M.A., 2004, Forman Christian College, Pakistan; M.B.A., 2019, Southern Illinois University; Ph.D., 2014, Southern Illinois University.

Cristian G. Allen (2018)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., 2007, Virginia Commonwealth University; M.S., 2010, Virginia Commonwealth University; Ph.D., 2017, University of North Texas.

Barbara Ashton (2017)
Music Therapist in Residence; B.S., 2002, University of Arizona, MTEP, 2011, Arizona State University, M.M., 2013, Arizona State University.

Michael D. Bechtel (2013)
Associate Professor of Science Education; B.A., 1994, Wartburg College; M.Ed., 2007, University of Wisconsin; Ed.D., 2012, Edgewood College.

Joy L. Becker (2011)
Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.A., 1997, Wartburg College; M.S., 1999, Iowa State University;  Ph.D., 2002, Iowa State University.

Allan B. Bernard (2013)
Associate Professor of Business Administration; B.A., 1987, University of Minnesota; M.B.A., 2004, Metropolitan State University.

Bret L. Billet (1990)
Professor of Political Science; B.S., 1984, Manchester College; M.A., 1986, Ph.D., 1989, Miami University.

Brian J. Birgen (2001)
Professor of Mathematics; B.A., 1991, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D., 1997, University of Michigan.

Mariah H. Birgen (1997)
Professor of Mathematics; B.S., 1991, University of California; Ph.D., 1997, University of Michigan.

Daniel W. Black (1993)
Professor of Physical and Engineering Science, Gary & Donna Hoover Distinguished Professorship in Engineering Science; B.S., 1986, M.S., 1990, Ph.D., 1993, Iowa State University.

Karen E. Black (1993)
Professor of Music, College Organist; Rudi Inselmann Endowed Professorship in Organ; B.M., 1984, St. Olaf College; M.M., 1986, Indiana University School of Music; D.M., 1994, Indiana University.

Kristopher J. Blanchard (2021)
Assistant Professor of Accounting; B.S., 1999, Indiana State University; M.B.A., 2002, Indiana State University; Ph.D., 2009, Capella University

Ethan C. Blass (2021)
Assistant Professor of German; B.A., 2012, Middlebury College; M.A., 2013, University of Chicago; Ph.D., 2020, University of Chicago.

Nicholas W. Blay (2019)
Assistant Professor of Biology; B.A., 2008, Simpson College; M.S., 2010, University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., 2019, Oklahoma State University.

Joyce E. Boss (1995)
Professor of English; B.A., 1982, San Diego State University; M.A., 1991, Ph.D., 1995, University of California, Los Angeles.

Benjamin D. Bousquet (2004)
Associate Professor of Physics; B.S., 1999, Iowa State University; Ph.D., 2003, University of Minnesota.

Rachel E. Clark (2011)
Associate Professor of English; B.A., 2002, The Ohio State University; M.A., 2005, The Ohio State University; Ph.D., 2011, The Ohio State University.

Sean T. Coleman (2020)
Associate Professor of Biology; B.A., 1993, Luther College; Ph.D., 2000, University of Iowa

Tricia J. Coleman-Waterbury (2021)
Assistant Professor of Social Work; B.A., 2002, Wartburg College; M.S.W., 2004, St. Louis University.

Darrel D. Colson (2009)
President; B.A., 1977, Louisiana State University; M.A., 1981, Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., 1987, Vanderbilt University.

Justin D. Crouse (2012)
Associate Professor of Accounting; B.A., 2008, Wartburg College; M.B.A., 2012, Iowa State University.

Patricia R. Dietz (2019)
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science; B.A., 2006, University of Northern Iowa; M.A., 2008, University of Northern Iowa; Ed.D., 2015, University of Kansas.

Christine A. DeVries (2007)
Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.A., 2000, Luther College; Ph.D., 2007, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Molly Doran (2021)
Assistant Professor of Music; B.A., 2010, Hillsdale College; M.A., 2021, Bowling Green University; Ph.D., EXPECTED, Indiana University.

Shawn M. Ellerbroek (2004)
Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry, Otto Endowed Professorship in Chemistry; B.A., 1995, University of Iowa; Ph.D., 2000, Northwestern University.

Eric B. Emmons (2020)
Assistant Professor of Biology; B.A., 2012, St. Olaf College; Ph.D., 2018, University of Iowa.

Travis W. Endicott (2021)
Assistant Professor of Political Science; B.A., 2014, Purdue University; M.A., 2019, Indiana University; Ph.D., 2021, University of Mississippi.

Andrea N. Eslick (2012)
Associate Professor of Psychology; B.S., 2006, Iowa State University; M.A., 2009, Duke University; Ph.D., 2011, Duke University.

LeAnn E. Faidley (2011)
Associate Professor of Engineering; B.S., 1999, Iowa State University; M.S., 2001, Iowa State University; Ph.D., 2006, The Ohio State University.

Kelly J. Faga (2013)
Associate Professor of Education; B.S., 1991, Iowa State University; M.S.,1995, Northwest Missouri State University; Ph.D., 2006, Iowa State University.

Tamara L. Faux (2004)
Professor of Social Work; The O. Jay and Patricia Tomson Endowed Professor in Social Work; B.A., 1990, Luther College; M.S.S.W., 1991, University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., 2000, The Union Institute.

Barbara J. Fedeler (2000)
Professor of Art; B.F.A., 1982, Drake University; M.F.A., 1985, University of Arizona.

Charles C. Figura (1999)
Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Director of the Platte Observatory; B.S., 1992, Bradley University; M.S., 1997, Ph.D., 1999, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Michael C. Gleason (2019)
Associate Professor of Leadership/Burling Distinguished Professor of Leadership; B.A., 2006, University of Northern Iowa; M.A., 2009, University of Northern Iowa; Ph.D., 2012, Iowa State University.

Michaeleen E. Gerken Golay (2016)
Associate Professor of Biology; B.S./B.A., 2003, 2002, University of Iowa; M.S., 2005 Iowa State University; Ph.D., 2013, Iowa State University.

Melvin E. Gonnerman (2018)
Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.A., 1994, University of Northern Iowa; M.A., 1997, Northern Illinois University; Ph.D., 2000, Northern Illinois University.

Tyler C. Graff (2021)
Assistant Professor of Pyschology; B.A., 2012, Utah Valley University; Ph.D., 2020, Brigham Young University.

Craig A. Hancock (1995)
Professor of Music, Director of Bands; B.M., 1977, Simpson College; M.A., 1979, D.M.A., 1992, University of Iowa.

Abbylynn H. Helgevold (2020)
Assistant Professor of Religion, Board of Regents Chair in Ethics; B.A., 2002, Iowa State University; Ph.D., 2013, University of Iowa

Ron Johnson (2017)
Executive in Residence; B.A., 1980, Marietta College; M.A. 1988, Kansas State University.

Debora Johnson-Ross (2020)
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty; A.B., Wofford College; M.S., Florida Institute of Technology; Ph.D., University of South Carolina-Columbia

Samantha C. Larimer Bousquet (2008)
Professor of Biology: B.A., 2001, Earlham College; Ph.D., 2007, Cornell University.

Jennifer J. Larson (2007)
Associate Professor of Music; B.M., 1992, M.M., 1996, University of Utah; D.M.A., 2001, University of Michigan.

Scott C. Leisinger (2006)
Vice President for Institutional Advancement; B.A., 1987, Wartburg College; M.A., 1991, University of Northern Colorado.

Terry L. Letsche (2003)
Associate Professor of Computer Science; B.A., 1989, Wartburg College; M.S., 1991, University of Iowa, Ph.D., 2008, University of Iowa.

Terrence J. Lindell (1984)
Professor of History; B.A., 1978, Augustana College (S.D.); M.A., 1982, Ph.D., 1987, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Gregory F. Lorenz (2018)
Academic and Urban Studies Program Director-Wartburg West; B.S., Colorado State University; M.A., The University of Northern Colorado; Ph.D., Colorado State University.

Sonja C. Lynch (2001)
Associate Professor of English; B.A., 1982, St. Olaf College; M.A., 1989, Ph.D., 1999, Indiana University at Bloomington.

Murad M. Mahmoud (2018)
Assistant Professor of Engineering Science; B.Sc., 2007, University of Jordan; M.S., 2011, University of Jordan; Ph.D., 2018, Utah State University.

David A. McCullough (1998)
Professor of Biology; B.A., 1982, University of Dallas; M.S., 1985, Ph.D., 1991, Texas Tech University.

J. Brian McQueen (2014)
Associate Professor of Criminology/Criminal Justice/Sociology; B.S., 1995, Emporia State University; M.S., 1997, Pittsburg State University; Ph.D., 2009, Washington State University.

Susan L. Meyeraan (2004)
Associate Professor of Business Administration; B.B.A., 1982, University of Iowa; M.B.A., 1984, University of Northern Iowa; M.A., 1987, University of Iowa.

Zak K. Montgomery (2009)
Professor of Spanish, Slife Professor in Humanities; B.A., 2002, Kalamazoo College; M.A., 2004, Indiana University at Bloomington; Ph.D., 2013, Indiana University at Bloomington.

Shaheen S. Munir (1988)
Professor of Psychology; B.A., 1978, M.A., 1980, Osmania University (India); Ph.D., 1988, The Ohio State University.

Scott J. Muntefering (2009)
Associate Professor of Music Education, Eugene and Ruth Weidler Drape Distinguished Professor in Music Education; B.M.E., 1999, University of South Dakota; M.M., 2001, University of South Dakota; D.M.A., 2009, North Dakota State University.

Rebecca N. Nederhiser (2021)
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music; B.A., 2009, Warner Pacific College; M.M., 2018, Central Washington University; M.M., 2010, Washington State University; D.M.A., 2021, University of Nebraska.

Lee D. Nelson (2009)
Professor of Music, Zahn Patricia R. Endowed Chair in Choral Conducting, Director of the Wartburg Choir and Ritterchor; B.M., 1996, Concordia College, Moorhead; M.M., 2003, University of Arizona, Tucson; 2009, D.M.A., University of Arizona, Tucson.

Amy L. Nolan (2006)
Professor of English; B.A., 1992, Alma College; M.A., 1995, Central Michigan University; Ph.D., 2005, Michigan State University.

Pamela J. Ohrt (2006)
Associate Professor of Communication Arts; B.S., 1974, Iowa State University; M.A., 2003, University of Northern Iowa.

Heidi M. Parker (2021)
Information Literacy and Technology Librarian; B.A., 2017, University of Iowa; M.S.L.I.S., 2019, University of Iowa.

Thomas R. Payne (1993)
Professor of Art; B.A., 1978, University of Oklahoma; M.F.A., 1982, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Brian J. Pfaltzgraff (2006)
Associate Professor of Music; B.M.E., 1992, Simpson College; M.A., 1994, Bowling Green State University; M.M., 1997, Bowling Green State University; D.M.A., 2003, University of Michigan.

Penni M. Pier (2000)
Professor of Communication Arts, Grant L. Price Endowed Department Chair; B.A., 1993, Moorhead State University; M.A., 1995, Southwest Missouri State University, Ph.D., 2000, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Amy J. Pilcher (2018)
Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.A., 2011, Mount Mercy University; M.A., 2014, Iowa State University; Ph.D., 2017, Iowa State University.

Nana A.G.T. Quaicoe (2018)
Assistant Professor of Economics; B.A., 2012, Dordt College; M.S., 2014, Eastern Illinois University; Ph.D., 2018, Southern Illinois University.

Marta Ramirez Martinez (2019)
Assistant Professor of Spanish; B.A., 2009, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain; M.A., 2012, University of Arizona; Ph.D., 2017, University of Arizona.

Todd C. Reiher (1991)
Professor of Psychology; B.A., 1980, University of Northern Iowa; Ph.D., 1990, Iowa State University.

Caryn D. Riswold (2018)
Professor of Religion, McCoy Family Distinguished Chair in Lutheran Heritage and Mission; B.A., 1993, Augustana Sioux Falls; M.A.T.S., 1995, Claremont School of Theology; Th.M., 1997, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago; Ph.D., 2000, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

Justin P. Coats Schedtler (2017)
Assistant Professor of Religion; B.A., 1999, St. Olaf College; M.A., 2007, Luther Seminary; M.A., 2011, University of Minnesota;  Ph.D., 2014, Emory University.

Richard Seggerman (2005)
Vice President for Finance and Administration; A.A.S., 1984, Iowa Lakes Community College; B.S., 1987, Florida Atlantic University.

Richard R. Snyder (2014)
Associate Professor of Education; B.A., 1983, Trinity College; M.Div., 1990, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Ed.D., 2014, University of Northern Iowa.

Eric Sommermeyer (2015)
Assistant Professor of Accounting; B.S., 1998, Winona State University; M.B.A, 2008, Upper Iowa University.

Daniel R. Sundblad (2011)
Associate Professor of Sociology; B.A., 2001, Bethel College; M.S., 2004, Iowa State University; Ph.D., 2008, Iowa State University.

Stephanie S. TeKippe (2014)
Associate Professor of Education, Assistant Dean of Faculty Development; B.S., 1995, Iowa State Univeristy; M.S., 2000, University of Northern Iowa; Ed.D., 2012, University of Phoenix.

Kunihiko Terasawa (2012)
Associate Professor of Religion; B.A., 1980, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan; M. Div., 1993, Drew University; M.A., 2009, Temple University; Ph.D., 2012, Temple University.

Stephanie J. Toering Peters (2005)
Professor of Biology, Dr. Richard L. and Sandra K. Wahl Professorship in Biology; B.S., 1996, Hope College; Ph.D., 2003, Stanford University.

Nicki L. Toliver (2014)
AssociateProfessor of Music; B.A., 1996, Concordia College; M.M., 2000, Arizone State University; D.M.A., 2001, North Dakota State University.

Suzanne K. Torkelson (1988)
Professor of Music; B.M.E., 1976, Wartburg College; M.M., 1981, Kansas State University; D.M.A., 1991, University of Iowa.

Eric J. Wachmann (1994)
Professor of Music; B.M.Ed., 1987, University of Ottawa; M.M., 1990, University of Michigan; D.M.A., 1997, University of North Carolina-Greensboro.

Sarah J. Waldorf (2021)
Assistant Professor of Education; B.A., 2012, Wartburg College; M.A., 2020, Morningside College; Ed.D., EXPECTED, Drake University

Daniel J. Walther (1996)
Professor of History, Gerald R. Kleinfeld Distinguished Professorship in German History; B.A., 1988, Northwestern University; M.A., 1990, Indiana University; Ph.D., 1996, University of Pennsylvania.

Kristin J. Wendland (2017)
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, B.A., 2000, Wartburg College; M.D., 2004, Luther Seminary; M.T., 2011, Luther Seminary; Ph.D., 2017, Princeton Theological Seminary.

Edward A. Westen (2003)
Associate Professor of Health and Human Performance; B.A., 1997, University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., 2002, Indiana University School of Medicine.

Jill L. Westen (2010)
Information Literacy Librarian; B.A., 2002, Northwestern College; M.F.A., 2008, University of Iowa; M.L.I., 2010, S. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Alpha M. Woodward (2018)
Assistant Professor of Music Therapy, Director, Music Therapy; M.M.T., 1998, Open University (B.C.); Ph.D., 2015, Antioch University.

Leilani L. Zart (2008)
Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.S., 1999, University of Wisconsin-River Falls; Ph.D., 2005, University of Kansas.

John M. Zelle (1998)
Professor of Computer Science; B.S., 1984, M.S., 1986, Iowa State University; Ph.D., 1996, University of Texas-Austin.

Clinical Science Faculty

Clinical Laboratory Science Program School of Health Sciences, Mayo Clinic: Brad Karon, M.D., and Sue Lehman, MA, MT (ASCP)SM

Mercy College of Health Sciences Medical Laboratory Science Program, Des Moines, Iowa; Kyla Dippold MS, MLS (ASCP)

St. Luke’s Methodist Hospital, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Lileah Harris, M.D., and Lindsey M. Mullenbach, BA, MLS (ASCP)

St. Luke’s College, St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, Sioux City, Iowa: James Quesenberry, M.D., and Pamela Briese, MS, MLS(ASCP)SC

Faculty Emeriti

Roy F. Allen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of German and Spanish (1981-2001)

Jane E. Andrews, D.M.A., Professor Emerita of Music (2001-2013)

Roger M. Bishop, P.E.D., Professor Emeritus of Physical Education (1968-1998)

Bonita R. Bock, M.Div., Director Emerita (1991-2018)

Thomas Boerigter, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Spanish (2001-2019)

Roberta L. Bodensteiner, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of  Education (1993-2014)

Kathleen J. Book, Ed.D., Professor Emerita of Education (2004-2013)

Ramona Bouzard, Ph.D., Dean of the Chapel/Director of Church Relations/Lecturer in Religion/Moehlmann Chaplaincy Chair

Walther C. Bouzard, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Religion (1994-2019)

Josef M. Breutzmann, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Mathematics

Clifford W. Brockman, M.A., Professor Emeritus of Communication Arts

Gloria L. Campbell, M.A., Professor Emerita of Business (1979-2015)

Herman W. Diers, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Religion (1959-1993)

Denis P. Drolet, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Chemistry (1992-2017)

Glenn C. Fenneman, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1966-2001)

Kimberly Folkers, F.L.M.I., Professor Emerita of Business Administration, Accounting, and Economics (1989-2021)

Johanna Foster, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Biology (2006-2016)

Arthur C. Frick, M.S., Professor Emeritus of Art (1976-94)

Robert C. Gremmels, M.A., Professor Emeritus of Journalism (1960-93)

Judith B. Griffith, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of English (1997-2010)

Paul M. Hedeen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of English (1995-2012)

Ann Henninger, Ph.D., Professosr Emerita of Biology (1985-2016)

Leslie E. Huth, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Education (1986-2001)

Brian Jones, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus of Religion (2000-2017)

Judith Jones, Ph. D., Professor Emerita of Religion (2000-2017)

Donald R. King, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biology (1979-2005)

Rev. Kathryn A. Kleinhans, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Religion

John F. Kurtt, Professor Emeritus of Physical Education (1961-1993)

Robert E. Lee, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Music (1959-1996)

Karen Lehmann, M.L.S., Librarian Emerita (2000-2016)

Lewis J. “Buzz” Levick, M.A., Professor Emeritus of Physical Education (1965-1993)

Yvonne Losch, M.A., Professor Emerita of German (1975-2021)

Paul A. Magnall, M.B.A., Professor Emeritus of Business Administration and Accounting (1983-2012)

Stephen P. Main, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biology (1972-2006)

Ronald F. Matthias, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History (1984-97)

Diane M. McCarty, Ed.D., Professor Emerita of Education (2001-2012)

Moira D. McCluney, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of French (1976-2002)

J. Keith McClung, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Biology (1998-2020)

Peter T. Nash, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Religion (2003-2016)

Lynn J. Olson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science (1978-2011)

A. Lynn Peters, M.S.W., Professor Emeritus of Social Work (1992-2021)

Peggy A. Pruisner, Ed.D., Professor Emerita of Education (1992-2015)

Ted Reuter, D.M.A., Professor Emeritus of Music (1989-2021)

Fred D. Ribich, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology(1977-2016)

Christopher K. Schmidt, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Computer Science (1979-1982, 1984-2004)

Richard J. Schneider, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of English (1986-2009)

Gregory F. Scholtz, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of English (1989-2010)

Axel H. Schuessler, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History (1969-94)

Susan K. Sherwood, Ed.D., Professor Emerita of Education (1990-2014)

Dorothy D. Starr, M.S.W., Professor Emerita of Social Work (1975-92)

Richard W. Stedtfeld, Professor Emeritus of Education (1976-93)

Rev. Fred Strickert, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Religion (1986-2010)

Dani Thomas, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Political Science (1977-2016)

Paul A. Torkelson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Music (1984-2009)

Rev. Larry Trachte, M.Div., M.A., Professor Emeritus of Religion (1974-2009)

Susan K. Vallem, Ed D., Professor Emerita of Social Work (1987-2013)

Roy M. Ventullo, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus of Biology (1994-2017)

Fredric A. Waldstein, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Political Science (1989-2020)

August W. Waltmann, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1969-2003)

William L. Waltmann, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (1958-61, 1961-2001)

Franklin E. Williams, Professor Emeritus of Music (1965-94)

William N. Withers, Professor Emeritus of Journalism and Communication Arts (1998-2019)

Darold M. Wolff, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biology (1966-2001)

Warren T. Zemke, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Chemistry (1966-2007)

Administrative Divisions

Refer to the Campus Directory on the Wartburg website for personnel in the administrative divisions.

Board of Regents

Ruth A. Bahe-Jachna, Hammond, Ind.

Grady Ballenger, DeLand, Fla.

Felecia Boone, Minneapolis, Minn.

Hans-Peter Brodhun, Eisenach, Germany

Jim Buchheim, De Forest, Wis.

Amy Kilgus Chamley, Champaign, Ill.

Darrel D. Colson, Waverly, Iowa

Sharon Corrigan, Sparta, N.J.

Delford Doherty, Houston, Texas

Marilyn R. Flachman, Westminster, Colo.

Michael Franzman, Bettendorf, Iowa

Barbara Gamez, Rochester, Minn.

Fred W. Hagemann, Waverly, Iowa

Mark Hanawalt, Waverly, Iowa

Rev. Sherman Hicks, Chicago, Ill.

Tammy Jackson, Carol Stream, Ill.

Rev. Brian King, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Kirk Kinnear, Houston, Texas

Jim Loveridge, Brookfield, Wis.

Liz Mathis, Hiawatha, Iowa

Michael J. McCoy, Ellison Bay, Wis.

Steven Meirink, Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

Paul Mugan, Waverly, Iowa

Michael Murphy, Ankeny, Iowa

Rachel Reinsche, Edina, Minn.

Greg Schmitz, New Hartford, Iowa

Günter Schuchardt, Eisenach, Germany

Sara Tomson-Hooper, Eatonton, Ga.

Andrea Westmeyer, Johnston, Iowa