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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog

Health and Human Performance

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Edward A. Westen, Chair; Patricia R. Dietz Parsons; Joel R. Holst; Richard D. Peth; Jennifer L. Walker

The Department of Health and Human Performance prepares students for a variety of career outcomes.

Graduates in exercise science pursue  careers in physical therapy, athletic training, nursing, occupational therapy, and medicine, or may pursue further graduate training in bio-mechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, or kinesiology.

Graduates in health and fitness studies may pursue careers in corporate or hospital wellness programs, personal training, strength and conditioning, group fitness, health and fitness club management, coaching, or community recreation.

The physical education program prepares students for the teaching profession with endorsements in physical education and health. Courses to support the Iowa coaching endorsement are available for licensure application to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners.

The Department of Health and Human Performance offers a variety of opportunities for possible career choices. Health and physical education programs are oriented toward the teaching profession and culminate in a student-teaching experience. The fitness management program prepares graduates to work in hospital wellness programs, health and fitness clubs, and corporate fitness programs. This program culminates with an internship experience.

Program goals:

  • To prepare students to become quality physical education teachers through the acquisition of knowledge pertaining to the general functioning of the human body and fitness testing.
  • To prepare students to become quality fitness/wellness professionals through the acquisition of knowledge pertaining to the general functioning of the human body and fitness testing.
  • To develop an appreciation of the role of physical activity in the balance of life through physical education and fitness/wellness programs.
  • To prepare students to successfully complete their student teaching and/or internship experience, where they can start to display and incorporate the values and ethics of their profession.

Intended Student Learning Outcomes

Health and Fitness Studies

Students will:

  1. develop and implement fitness programs specific to client goals, age, gender, fitness level, and physical limitations.
  2. demonstrate a broad range of assessment procedures utilized in the fitness environment.
  3. instruct clients on how to perform safe and effective exercise techniques.
  4. demonstrate content expertise in the following areas: facility management, personnel management, fitness trends, and health promotion
  5. demonstrate an understanding of accredited fitness related certification programs.

Exercise Science

Students will:

  1. demonstrate content expertise in the foundational areas of exercise science. These areas include nutrition, anatomy and physiology, exercise testing and prescription, and kinesiology.
  2. demonstrate proficiency in laboratory techniques and data acquisition within the context of exercise science.
  3. demonstrate the ability to plan an exercise precription based upon an assigned set of subject test results.
  4. demonstrate skill with the equipment used in exercise prescriptions.
  5. demonstrate ability to synthesize knowledge into an overall understanding of human wellness.

Physical Education

Students will:

  1. identify critical elements of motor skill performance and combine skills into appropriate sequences for the purpose of skill improvement.
  2. describe performance concepts and strategies related to skillful movement and physical activity.
  3. utilize a variety of formal and informal assessment techniques to assess a learner’s performance, provide feedback, and communicate learner progress.
  4. design and implement sequential learning experiences that are safe, appropriate, relevant, realistic, and based on principles of effective instruction.


Major in Physical Education

For additional information on teaching majors and endorsements, see Education  Department listings.

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